Posted by: Suzzie | June 17, 2013

Father’s Day

Can I be real? 
For the children who find it hard on Father’s Day.  I want you to know you are felt and heard.  You may feel all you had was a “sperm donor“.  Honor that contribution, without that there would be no you.  And we are so glad to have your presence.  So I say to you “Honor the present of sperm donation for the special presence you bring in the lives of those who love you and support you” 

It wasn’t about you —  It was about God’s plan to get your presence here to use your pain as a message to those who watch you excel in spite of the absence of a father.   I  say to you   CONGRATULATIONS!!! you made it and Keep on Pushing. 

God’s got you, He’s our real Father anyway!

Be Blessed!!

Much Love to you

Posted by: Suzzie | April 24, 2013

People cannot g…

210          People cannot give you what they don’t have!!!

Posted by: Suzzie | February 10, 2011


Just a note on a relationship question on Facebook.

I’ve been in the place of being the only person married in the relationship.  I’ve been in the place of trying everything I knew humanly possible to please, buy love.  I lost me in the process and  my final analysis was, It wasn’t even about me at all!

When a person is so wounded with scars of abandonment, rejection, betrayal, deception and all the issues that go with that.  It is hard to have a genuine relationship with another person.  The person could be a model, a movie star, rich, poor, ugly, beautiful, it doesn’t really matter.  It’s the wounds inside the person who can’t love you, because they don’t know how, can’t  be true to you because there was no eye love when born, [no look of acceptance in the mother’s eyes] can’t trust because their basic needs weren’t met as an infant. 

Always looking past you, for the next conquest to see if they hold the magic key to their heart, have the magic answers, can turn on the magic in them, can make them feel loveable, whole.

When you are wounded in the womb, you are born with internal issues that not even you understand.

Posted by: Suzzie | February 1, 2011

Snowed in and loving it!

Days like this makes it so wonderful to just sit and watch the wonders of God.  The beautiful snow is just so awesome.  Got to get the hot chocolate going!

Posted by: Suzzie | January 29, 2011

Hello world!

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